How to Use Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Is Big Business

Billions of users have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Originally designed for techs to keep in touch with customers, these sites quickly developed into social platforms for people to keep in touch with friends and family at no cost. It soon become apparent to business that these sites recognised huge value as promotional tools for products and services and so, social media marketing was born. Since the creation of mainstream social networking, the way businesses communicate and interact with their customers has completely transformed. If you’re not using social networking and social media marketing for your business then you’re missing out.

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No matter if your business is entirely online, or is a bricks and mortar offline one, it’s critical for you to have at least a Facebook account, Twitter and LinkedIn are also important and if your product or services support visuals, then Instagram and Pinterest are huge sources of potential traffic that you aren’t getting now!

Friends, Followers and Likes

Just signing up isn’t enough. You’ll have to devote time to getting your business more exposed online. Either you do it yourself or you hire someone to help you. Consider hiring a VA (a virtual assistant who can help you with simple tasks that take you away from tasks that make you money). Social media marketing takes time and energy.  The key to both is to actively pursue the kinds of people you want to do business with, then friend them, then provide them with phenomenal content. Only by being part of a community can you succeed long term in social networking and social media marketing.

If you’re posting quality content with good value for your readers, you’ll get more followers (Twitter) or friends (Facebook) or Likes (Facebook). High quality content is freely shared and can even go viral, which is the most valuable way to effect a social media marketing campaign, which will help you to build a positive relationship with customers and new potential customers.

And if you post useful and good quality content that provides value for the reader, then more and more people will follow you, which will help you to build positive, long-term relationships with customers who might not have previously found you.

You can target your social media marketing to people who might be interested in your products. YOu can place ads on LinkedIn and Facebook and highly target potential customers. You can consider becoming friends with people in your niche market and provide quality content for them. Only selling to them will not be effective and they will not respond favourably in the long term.

Public Relations is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing also allows you to keep up with the trends in your products and services and discover what your customers are saying. You can react to anything negative very quickly.

This ability to monitor whats being said about you and your business, and respond positively, is absolutely critical to your company’s long-term success.

Sadly, there are people who actively enjoy making derogatory comments about people and companies because they know huge numbers of people will see them. They get an ego boost from causing havoc. Many of these people have a severe personality disorder called psychopathy. If you find yourself dealing with crazy, personal attacks, then you are possibly dealing with a psychopath and it’s best to disengage quickly. Some people however, do have legitimate complaints and dealing with everyone in a professional, positive manner can only be beneficial for your business in terms of public relations and your social media marketing efforts.

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Alert Automatically

You don’t have to spend your entire time on the internet to discover what’s being said about you. There are free tools that will do that for you and report back to you in digest form.

Google Alerts. Type in your search term (your business or personal name, or your product etc) and where ever that phrase is used, you can be notified of where and when.

You can expand your business, gain social reach and access more customers by using social media marketing. Create a social media marketing plan and stick to it. What you will get is more potential customers, more personal communication with your customers and potential customers, better PM and ultimately make more money, which is the bottom line for your business.

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Use Freebies To Increase Website Traffic

Everyone loves something of value for free, so when used well, freebies can go a long way to improving your website traffic. Truly free online freebies are popular and leave your visitors wanting more if they find value in your freebie.
Here are several ideas for you to try to offer freebies to your website visitors.
1. Consider a free e-book. You can write your own, or use one with PLR (private label rights) or branding rights. Do a search to find something on your topic. What ever one you choose, your website link is inside. Let people give away your ebook and you might end up with a viral campaign.
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2. Offer a competition where entry is free. Ensure the prize is something that people will want and will return to your site to find out the results. If the prize is good enough, they’ll tell others. Consider giving your site visitors an extra entry for everyone they tell.

3.  Try offering free online seminars or videos. There are companies who specialise in doing webinars. You can search for them. Many offer a trial for free (see the next point). Your visitors will love free information and you’ll be seen as an expert in your field. People may be willing to pay you for your services if you can give valuable information for free.

4. Free templates are another easy option for you to offer. Cards, letterheads and other templates are easy for your site visitors to print out, and you can add your logo. Think of the free calendars you get each new year.
5. Offer free software programs from your site. You will have to ensure your hosting plan has enough bandwidth for this one. Add free software relating to your field and people will not only download it but may share it with others. The software will have your brand or website link inside.
6. Offer free consultations. If you normally charge, offer a shortened or general consultation for free. Giving away information that others charge to provide gives you extra exposure. Many people will consider becoming clients if your free consultation is of value to them.7. Create and offer a lite version or starter version of what you currently offer. If you can, give it away for free. This allows people to try what your offering without having to spend a lot of money up front. It’s no risk, so more people are likely to take your trial then become full paying customers later.

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Blogging Ideas for Newbies

The dream of each blogger is access to large quantities of readers plus a big list of subscribers. The following ideas can help you.

If you wish to get hits to your blog then consider guest blogging. It’s one of the most powerful promotional tools that you will ever come across in the blogging world. You write for other blogs in your niche as a guest. Just one weekly guest blog post will get you noticed by the subscribers of the blog. You’ll gain credibility from a blog they already trust. You can strengthen your relationships with the different bloggers in your niche. Guest blogging not only helps you get targeted traffic, however also gives you high quality back-links to your own blog.

Interact with your readers and reply to your readers comments if they ask a question. By showing your readers you care, you improve your relationships. By establishing a strong relationship with your readers, they become loyal and might start inviting others to your blog.

Coming up with a strong social media approach is recommended. You can’t simply depend on search engine hits to get readers to your blog unless you pay a lot of money. Twitter and Facebook social networks sometimes go together so be sure to have both buttons. Social media is a proven means to get visitors that your blog primarily targets. A popular blog is founded on your approach and how well you can build your presence. Learn more about blogging with Blogging On Steroids.

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Promoting Your RSS Feeds On Your Website

RSS is a great means to distribute your content, but what if you don’t have any subscribers yet?

Firstly, you need to be using RSS, (Really Simple Syndication). A lot of people don’t subscribe to RSS because they don’t know what it is, but that’s changing. The beauty of RSS feeds are that they don’t fill up your inbox and you can’t get spammed.

Follow my two easy steps to promote your RSS feed.

On a webpages, you’ll sometimes see a little orange icon that is the RSS button. There is sometimes text that suggests readers subscribe. If a person hits on the button and they don’t have a reader, they will possibly find an XML document. That just confuses them and causes them to leave. Instead of allowing this to happen, you need to do something different to almost everyone else out there who is promoting RSS feeds via the button.

1. Make an RSS data page.

For the many users who haven’t learned about RSS and it’s benefits, you should design page that helps them learn fast about it and why they need it. On your page you should have five elements:
* A fast explanation of what RSS is. Add a link to Wikipedia’s RSS page for all the who prefer in depth detail
* Three to five bullet points about how choosing an RSS feed will benefit your readers
* A link to an RSS reader you like. For a web reader, I recommend using the one in Google + as it’s easy to understand. There are dozens out there, so research and select what you like.
* Include two or three different RSS options, web based, desktop transfer and mobile device options.
* A short paragraph on how to subscribe to your own RSS (and a link)
* A short paragraph on why your RSS is a MUST for them!
* Links to every RSS feed on your web site, and any other relevent website RSS feeds you offer

2. Promote your new page!

Now you’ll need to promote it! Add your feed URL to your mail messages and in your ezines. Use something compelling to encourage readers to subscribe. Let them experience how important it is to be subscribed to your internet site in real time.

Ensure that your subscription links are visible in every format. If they don’t find it, they can’t subscribe!

An unbelievably easy, foolproof way to reach people who want you’re offering, in real time!

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